Nyheter från Vernier 2017

Uppdatering av LabQuest programvara länk till Verniers hemsida

Uppdatering  av LoggerPro programvara länk till Verniers hemsida

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28-200017 Vernier Structure & Material Tester Pris: 19451,32:- 

Exact Force and Displacement for Bends and Breaks
The Tester is equipped with a load cell (measuring up to 1000 N) and a displacement sensor (0.1 mm resolution). Using both sensors allows you to record maximum breaking loads, as well as load/displacement characteristics to allow students to evaluate stress and strain.
Use Logger Pro video analysis in conjunction with your sensor measurements to see how and when things bend and break

28-500007 GoWireless Heart Rate Pris: 1732,90:-

28-500005 Go Wireless pH Pris: 1927,61:-

 28-005663 Investigating Wind Energy Lab Book Pris:486,77:-